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Finance Testimonials

We have dozens and dozens of testimonials that we would be more than happy to show you on request. Most of our testimonials also include photos of the client and their property. Here is a small sample of the comments;


"Spending time with Freedom Systems has opened our financial knowledge to another level. The work that Michael, Sheila and Maxine have undertaken has been outstanding. Our questions relating to potential investments and finance have been answered promptly and professionally. The company’s win of the No.1 Financial Brokerage of the year award for 2004 is commendable and well deserved. Our congratulations to Michael and his team on winning this award."

Don and Denise - Northgate

"We would also like to thank Michael & Sheila from Freedom Systems. Being so far away there were times when I wanted to have a tie line to Sheila’s phone. Absolutely NOTHING was ever an effort or a bother. Any messages left, be it by phone, fax or email were always responded to. There was nothing too difficult for them; they are a very professional organisation."

Sean & Carmen - Melbourne

"We had thought about investing but being a busy professional with a young family we never got around to it. This package has been perfectly tailored for people like us, the nervous and lazy first time investor. We are impressed with the efficiency of the process and the “hands off” approach from our end. The only painful process was me having to make time to go sign documents and lift the phone to organise insurance."

Mel - Sheidow Park

"It is strange to think that when I started this process all the fly by nighters were making promises of huge returns with no risks. It was refreshing to hear your promise of capital gains in the long term and tax deduction I would see quickly. Now the fly by nighters are gone and I have what was promised, a solid investment in bricks and mortar.

At no time during the whole process was I left wondering WHAT DO I DO?"


"Just a short note of thanks for allowing us to have the opportunity to invest in our future through your company. The support and assistance that your company supplied made it a pleasant and enjoyable experience. One that we will definitely attempt again."

Sue & Gary - Pasadena

"After many nights considering your proposal and looking at what it would take for us to try and do all the work ourselves, we decided to proceed with investment property number one. I must say that we were very nervous with the whole investment process from the start. We heard all the typical horror stories about building and delays and needed to feel that we would never be out of control at any stage. To our delight, you have delivered what was promised. Thanks to your confidence and the ability to make it all happen without any stress and frustration we decided to proceed with investment property number two. Well done to all of you. Our properties have been constantly rented for some time now and we have no complaints."

Alex & Anna - Brooklyn Park

"It's no wonder that they have become the No.1 financing brokerage in S.A. There was nothing too difficult for them, they are truly a very professional outfit, answering all of our questions along the way. The most pleasing thing about dealing with Freedom Systems is that they did all the brokerage for us, we simply sat back, while they did all the work. Freedom Systems, secured the correct loans, so we could move forward and purchase the first investment property with the minimum of fuss and now, our second investment, when we were comfortable to move forward."

John & Linda - Golden Grove


Right now is the best time to review your financial arrangements on your mortgage. Our reputation is second to none when it comes to helping our clients to achieve more than they ever though possible. Call us now for a free no obligation discussion of your options.

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Main types of Loans
We offer a full range of loans and provide our service free of charge to help you choose the right options for you**.
  • Variable Rate

  • Introductory Rate

  • Honeymoon Rate
    Discount Rate

  • Basic Variable Rate

  • Fixed Rate

  • Line of Credit (LOC)

  • Professional Packages

  • Split Loan

  • Low Document Loans

  • Credit-Impaired Loans

  • Mortgage Offset

  • Redraw Facility

  • Bridging Loan

  • Annual Average

  • Percentage Rate

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** Commissions are paid by the mortgage originator to Freedom Systems to cover the cost of the service.