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Dare to Dream

How many times have you wished for something that you thought you could not afford. Promised yourself that one day you'll do something really exciting. We specialise in making your dreams into a reality. Call us now for details.  



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At Freedom Systems you will discover the easiest and rewarding way to get the most benefit from your residential or investment mortgage. We tailor solutions to suit your specific needs.

How can you be sure we have the solution?

Freedom Systems has earned multiple industry awards, year after year because we help our clients evaluate the multiple options that can deliver a suitable loan for you, not the bank. No single bank can compete with the breadth of possibilities that we can offer. The bottom line is that you will get a much better deal than you would achieve yourself, even if you spent months and months looking. 

We provide free, no obligation consultancy, so call us immediately to explore your options and discover why so many clients choose to return to us time after time. Our Team of highly trained and fully accredited broker are available to provide you with personalised and discreet service.

Why use our service;

We really care about your situation and we do much more than just help with your loan. We help you turn your wishful dreams into a reality. To do this, we spend quality time with you to facilitate selection of the loan and an entire package that is in your best interest.


  • Wealth Creation Specialists

  • Investment Property Finance

  • Debt Consolidation

  • Budget Management Support

  • New Home Loans

  • Home Loan Refinancing

  • Car and Personal Loans

  • Seniors Loans (Reverse Mortgages)

  • Commercial & Business Loans.

  • First Home Buyers


Right now is the best time to review your financial arrangements on your mortgage. Our reputation is second to none when it comes to helping our clients to achieve more than they ever though possible. Call us now for a free no obligation discussion of your options.

Deal with one of Adelaide's most highly awarded mortgage finance broker - why not call us now...

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200 Kensington Road

Marryatville  SA 5068

Tel:   08 8331 8711 

Fax:  08 8332 1553 



Main types of Loans
We offer a full range of loans and provide our service free of charge to help you choose the options that are suitable for you **.
  • Variable Rate

  • Introductory Rate

  • Honeymoon Rate
    Discount Rate

  • Basic Variable Rate

  • Fixed Rate

  • Split Loan

  • Line of Credit

  • Redraw Facility

  • Bridging Loan

  • Mortgage Offset

  • Professional Packages

  • Business Owners Loan

  • Low Document Loans

  • Credit-Impaired Loans


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** Government and lender fees and charges may apply. Commissions are paid by the mortgage originator to Freedom Systems to cover the cost of the service.

What do we do?
Freedom Systems are a qualified and awarded mortgage finance broker and specialise in helping you with wealth creation, investment property finance, debt consolidation finance, budget management support, new home loans, home loan refinancing, car and personal loan, seniors loan, reverse mortgage, commercial loan, business loan, first home buyer loan and more.

Located in the metropolitan area of Adelaide, South Australia. Our office offers free parking. Our finance broker are waiting to help you with your mortgage loan questions. Our track record is proof of our ability to help just about anyone with any finance issue.